Gods of The Fir Bolg Peoples

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Gods of The Fir Bolg Peoples

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Gods of The Fir Bolg Peoples
By Conon Campbell
Mythographer and Chair of Fir Bolg History at Avendel College

In the following pages I have described the ancient spirits once worshiped by the human men that walked our island of Aolyth in the time before Aarus I.  Their nature and power once lost to time is now being rediscovered in the ancient ruins and from the mouths the deep forest druids.  While these "gods" should not earn our worship, or distract our faith from Emperors Path of Light, the study of their qualities is invaluable to our empire.  Not only are the stories a valuable source of insight into the primal powers of this isle but they may also provide future targets for advanced ley-magic research.  

Dagda- “ The Great King,”" Law Giver," "All-Father, “ The Craftsman”.
Dagda is the great father god and king of the Fir Bolg Pantheon.  He is described by the Fir Bolg peoples as being a master carpenter, stonecutter, smith,leather worker, and teacher of these trades to the first men.  Additionally he taught them how to master fire and gave them a code of laws by which to rule.  In artistic renderings Dagda is often depicted sitting in judgment wearing both his crown and leather apron.  It is rumored the ruins of his high temple now rest below the foundations of Castle Asheland.

Modron- “The Hearth,” “ The Weaver,” "The Fierce Mother."
Modron is both wife and queen to Dagda and mother of his children Aine, Lugaid, and Erawyn.   She is the goddess of the hearth and harvest and Autum is her season of worship and greatist power.
For most of the year she is described as sitting at her her loom weaving the tapestry of island history while also tending to the great hearth fire at Avalloch.  When Autumn comes she drapes the land in the bright colors of her fire with her golden sickle grants a bountiful harvest to the Fir Bolg people.  Her portrayal and temperament have varied through the ages and seems to fluctuate between two types of accounts .  In some texts she is portrayed as anchor of the family, a nurturing and protective figure, always more practical than her husband.  In other descriptions she is ferocious, strong willed, almost wild, dispensing justice with her sickle and ram-drawn chariot.  

Erawyn- “The bowman”,” ” The Bastard God” "The Watchman".
Erawyn is the eldest son of Dagda and patron god of winter and hunting. He is known as a shape changer, cunning trickster, and the spirit of revenge.  Practitioners of the Fir Bolg faith believe that the spirits of their dead must pass through Erawyn's harsh wintery otherworld forest before they may reach their resting place in Avalloch.  Only the strong and noble spirits are successful as the wicked and weak spirits are chased down by his baying ghost hounds.    

The most extreme practitioners of his worship participate in brutal ritual hunts of other men and promote a savagery that they believe will please the wild loving god. While these zealots are no doubt cruel and depraved, Erawyn himself is not an evil god and in many stories acts as a forest guardian.  
Erawyn's followers are mostly rangers, woodsmen, and archers.

Lugaid- “ The Prince God” "Bull God".
Lugaid is the second born son of Dagda but also considered the prince of Avalloch and favored son of Modron, (The story behind this too long to be included in this text.)  He is the god of warriors, honorable battle, summer, and raising livestock.  Lugaid is considered the model of a virtuous man in Fir Bolg society; attractive, honorable, and skilled with weapons but slow to use them. While he is not as cunning as his Erawyn (and sometimes even simple), heis considered far more pure of heart.
His artistic renderings are varied often depicted as both a boy with a shepherd's crook or a man with sword. Lugaid's followers are mostly warriors and herdsmen.

Aíne- “ The Flower” “ The Muse.”
Aíne is the goddess of spring and romantic love. She is known to be a great beauty, muse of artists, and fickle in nature. She is the bride of the Tuathan god Valineal and spends winters in his otherworldly garden. Her followers are often artists and lovers and preach that the pleasure and beauty of life is fleeting like the flowers of spring. While generally considered a good and gentle goddess, she is know to be forgetful, vain, and capricious.


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