The Birth of Modron

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The Birth of Modron

Post by Ortlindegal on Tue Aug 11, 2015 5:38 pm

The Birth of Modron
Translation by Conon Campbell
Mythographer and Chair of Fir Bolg History at Avendel College

In early times before the creation of men, Dagda the craftsman was lonely. The other spirits of the island though friends did not share his knowledge of tools and did not feel the same joy in his heart for a day’s labor and its bounty. They could not provide sympathy for the heaviness in his weary limbs or relief for his aching because they knew nothing of toil or work. They laughed at his loneliness when he spoke of it, and urged him to take a lovely nymph spirit as concubine, not understanding his longing was not of the loins.

One night Dagda, particularly annoyed by taunting’s by the fey court, retired to his glowing forge for comfort and distraction. A shape for a new tool came to his mind, though the purpose of it was not yet conceived. For hours he worked the metal baptizing it in fire and hardening it with hammering. He shaped it with delicate care and curved it into a crescent shape. When at last the tool was to his liking he quenched its red hot metal in water, but not before carelessly cutting his palm upon the edge.

In that moment Modron sprung forth from the steam of the quenching sickle. Her hair as scarlet and waving as the furnace flame, her form as round and curved as the sickles blade but with a will as hard at its steel. Her mind was as industrious as Dagda’s sweat, but her temperament nurturing from the craftsman’s hands, while her heart, born out of his blood, beat with Dagdas same longings and wants.

Dagda desired her at once as his companion in life and plead for her to stay with him in his workshop. Modron was not convinced and instead fled his den with her sickle in hand and ran away to the forest where she remained until her woo-ing.

Authors Footnote: Their is an alternate versions of the above story. A tapestry recovered from the bogs of Thornymoore appears to depict Modron being conceived not from the fires of Dagda's forge, but instead some ancient primordial fire spirit. Unfortunately the tapestry is damaged and further narrative could not be extracted.


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