Death and Respawning

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Death and Respawning

Post by Unreliable Narrator on Thu Nov 12, 2015 3:02 pm

When a character falls in combat they will first begin to bleed out. Upon reaching -10 hp they will die and be sent to the fugue plane and leave behind a corpse players can carry or resurrect. Note: quest objectives, such as your party defeating a monster, will be completed in fugue.

From fugue you have several options:

Respawn in a safe place:
This is recommended. You will lose experience and be resurrected, at full health, in a nearby temple. From an in-character standpoint your character has not died, but was gravely wounded and brought to a healer.

Respawn at near at your corpse:
This is recommended only if combat is over, and your group has prevailed. You will lose experience and be resurrected, at 1 hp, at the current location of your corpse. From an in-character standpoint you were knocked unconscious and have been revived.

Wait to be resurrected:
Powerful clerics are a rarity in Andrune. But you may certainly wait until raise dead is cast on your corpse. You will receive half the experience penalty if you do this. From an in-character standpoint you have actually died.

Player vs. Player Combat:
If you die during player vs. player combat you may not respawn and rejoin the fight until it is resolved. It is up to you, and the DMs, whether or not you're PC has died as a result of the conflict. Respawning from a pvp scenario assumes you were wounded and narrowly escaped, or left for dead.
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