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Andrune is a low level server and the maximum achievable level is 10. Ideally we want 5th level to be easily achievable with 1-2 weeks of play, while 10th level will require substantial dedication. All Experience should be accompanied by risk, and high level PCs will need to take substantial risks to gain experience.

There are three main methods of gaining XP

A number of dungeons and randomly placed encounters can be found throughout the server. Advancing to checkpoints in these areas will grant experience. You may fight your way through these areas, but sneaking and pacification are also viable. Each dungeon and explorable will grant experience only once per server reset.

A number of NPCs throughout the world offer quests. The objectives will vary, though they usually involve killing a challenging monster or locating a specific object. Each quest can be taken only once per server reset. Some quests, such as simple deliveries, will also be unavailable for higher level characters.

Players under 5th level will receive a small, timed experience award for roleplaying.

And lastly, DMs will always try to award experience to characters who pursue goals and make the server a more fun and lively place. Unfortunately, we cannot be everywhere at once. If you use the forum actively and document what you've done or are trying to do you're more likely to be noticed. Riskier activities will give a greater reward. Examples of this (stuff you can do even without a DM online) include:

  • Necromancer who hunts other PCs for blood samples to use in a profane ritual.
  • Rowley retainer known to harass potential poachers in the forest. Hates elves and makes up fines to charge them.
  • Entrepreneur who hosts regular arena competitions. Then tries to fix them and sends thugs to beat down a figher who refuses to go down.
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