Exotic and Unusual PCs

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Exotic and Unusual PCs

Post by Unreliable Narrator on Thu Nov 12, 2015 5:11 pm

For the most part, PCs should resemble an ordinary member of their race and class you'd expect of a 1st level character in a fantasy world. If you're interesting in playing an unusual PC you need to submit a brief application. We want you to play a character you're excited about, but its important your character fits the tone of the setting and we're on the same page. Examples include:

  • Unusual Background (foreign royalty, a purple dragon knight, etc.)
  • Exotic Appearance
  • Membership in a Faction
  • In-game real estate
  • Subrace
  • Perks requiring DM Intervention

In order to create an exotic character you need to fill out the application below and submit it to the DM team. We need to work out how your character will fit into the world before we do the work to implement it Its unlikely an application will ever be outright refused. Its more likely we'll work with you to fine-tune aspects of it.

Exotic Character Application:
1. Account Name
2. Character Name
3. Character race, class, and alignment
4. A BRIEF character history
5. Perks you're applying for
6. Brief list of goals, or how you plan to use your perk to create a story

Note on Subraces:
Subraces on Andrune are purely aesthetic and offer no bonuses. In the past we found balancing subrace bonuses and ELC to be more trouble than its worth, and that it rarely improved roleplay. If you are interested in playing characters such as Planetouched or Lycanthropes we have created a number of class kits and perks which will replicate the flavor without an application. Instead of a Werewolf you might consider a Barbarian with the Beastling kit; or a Sorcerer with the Fire Summoning theme instead of a Fire Genasi.
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