Avendel: Stories of the Day Before

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Avendel: Stories of the Day Before

Post by everfresh on Tue Dec 08, 2015 3:40 am

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The preface to a collection of accounts from those who witnessed the final day of the Andrunese Capital, Avendel

By most accounts the last day was pleasant, the sun was high and bright filtering yellow through the haze of dust that seemed to engulf the city since its previous catastrophe.

By no means was it the Avendel of our great grandfathers, a wondrous jewel thronging with all manner of life and magical marvels. The deep thrumming of the capital had faded as successive years of plague, disaster and misfortune had driven many away and left whole regions of the city in rubble or occupied by tent cities of the homeless.

But a measure of calm and stillness is reported in all accounts we have been able to procure.

In the remains of a small park ragged groups of children played among the battered trees, upon the dried mud clambering over cracked fountains and looked down upon all the while by dusty statues of forgotten saints.

In the Narrow Street Market the beggars and barkers echoed between the overhanging buildings and there was plenty on offer, even if it was of low quality.

In the Lowshale Docks, ships moored, goods were passed and ships set sail. Though even with this activity they seemed like a ghost town so little was the traffic in a harbour built for more prosperous days.

On a veranda overlooking the town a nobleman was poured tea from a tarnished, slightly battered, silver pot. This family heirloom had been with his line for centuries and he contemplated it thoughtfully before turning to the city. The city lay before him, cracked and crumbling choked with dust, rubble and being leached of life like a man dying slowly of blood loss. Did he see this as he stared back?

Of all the accounts we have collated it is clear that up until this moment all was calm, almost pleasant. But soon the Jewel of Merovin would fade to darkness and with no Imperial Library to document, no Guild reports to pore over, no City Watch to investigate we have little to know which of the hundred different stories of The Fall are true.

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