Reynard Gallendt

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Reynard Gallendt

Post by supergeddes on Wed Dec 09, 2015 8:26 pm

Reynard Gallendt aka The Black Fox

Age: mid 30's

Height: 6 ft

Build: Athletic

Appearance: A well groomed handlebar moustache, with similarly dressed black hair. Usually wearing a green/brown trench coat, white shirt, and black trousers.

As The Black Fox - typically hooded and clad in blacks and greys, his face, and much to his displeasure, moustache, hidden entirely from view

This Avendelian hunter has plied his trade across the island, and not always legally. His early endeavours were honest, hunting for game for various land owners. However such pursuits began to bore this highly proficient archer and he longed for greater, more dangerous sport. He would not have to wait long. With Avendel in its death throes and slave trading on the rise, his skills were in demand, and they were put to great use. It was, in his words, "a quite marvelous time to be alive, provided you are me of course". Good things don’t last however, particularly when huge sums of money are involved and so his group would eventually disband, with Reynard setting his sights on an 'honest' life in Bodkin, how honest it will be remains to be seen.


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