A Letter to the Lord and Lady Rowley

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A Letter to the Lord and Lady Rowley

Post by supergeddes on Sun Dec 13, 2015 7:59 pm

*A letter is presented to Juliette at Redbranch hall*

My Lord Eadwin and Lady Saorise,

I am sure by now you word has reached you of the skirmish to the north of the village. I regretfully admit that I am the cause. A few days previously, through my own recklessness I was captured by the forces of the Witch King of Asheland. After several days rotting in his dungeons I was sent to work in the mines beneath the castle, my lord I would not wish that fate upon my gravest enemy; there are countless slaves, men, women, children., it was truly horrifying. Fortune shone briefly upon me and I and a few others were able to escape to the surface and headed immediately for the safe haven of Bodkin. However we were heavily pursued and the months and years of slavery had taken their toll on the other escapees and they were quickly overcome, I alone managed to make it back to your village. If it wasn’t for the bravery of your guardsmen and the citizens of this place I too would have perished.

I ask you to forgive my careless actions, endangering the lives of your men and my previous distrust towards you. I was mistaken in my actions and opinions, I now fully understand, appreciate and support your cause. Please, allow me to serve you as a faithful retainer to repay you and the people of this village, and bring an end to the foul Witch Kings reign of tyranny.

Yours Sincerely

Reynard Gallendt


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Re: A Letter to the Lord and Lady Rowley

Post by Unreliable Narrator on Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:43 pm

[A letter is left for Reynard at Hopper's hole.]

Mister Gallendt,

We would not be fit to call ourselves Lords if we did not protect the people wihin our lands. You owe us no apology.

I am truly sorry for your ordeal. From this, I hope, if anything, it has shown you why my family must assume its rightful place as rulers of the isle. And if you are skilled enough to escape Darach's mines than you are skilled enough to serve as an armsman of my House. You will be expected to watch our borders keep the peace within them.

Report to me within the next tenday at Redbranch. You may swear fealty before me to House Rowley, and Constable Nottian will see you outfitted and given a proper assignment. I believe the young Lord Ashwick is in need of a bodyguard.

Eadwin Rowley
Lord of Bodkin
Unreliable Narrator

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