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Server Features

Post by Unreliable Narrator on Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:55 pm

Without going into great detail, we've provided a brief overview of server features:


  • Module is frequently updated to reflect changes in the story.
  • Randomly generated events and points of interest during wilderness travel.
  • Numerous chat activated commands, such as "/attack nearest", to support players
  • Improved ability to control followers and summons
  • Character description, appearance, and clothing can be changed in-game.
  • DMFI dice-rolling and character emotes.


  • Significant changes to spells, further modified by Spell Focus Feats.
  • Custom themes for summoned creatures
  • Bards no longer suffer spell failure in light armor, and can collect unique songs
  • Druids have more wildshapes.
  • Rangers can track nearby creatures.
  • Paladins can detect evil, with some fallibility.

Experience and Dungeons:

  • Experience is granted for exploration, not killing. Avoiding conflict can still generate experience.
  • Custom spawning system with more intelligent monsters
  • Detailed stories and scripted quest associated with each dungeon.
  • Skill checks are heavily utilized to access special areas and content.
  • Dungeons will reset for the next party after one hour.


  • Who fall below 0 hp will begin bleeding, dying at -10 hp.
  • Characters can respawn in the safety of a nearby temple, or where they last died.
  • Characters can respawn for 500xp per character level.
  • Raise dead and resurrection cost 250xp per character level.


  • Characters can rest once every 20 minutes to fully regain spells and health.
  • Characters can rest at inns, or by making camp in the wilderness.
  • Camping supplies deteriorate based on a character’s class and wisdom modifier.


  • Custom healing kits which restore health over time.
  • Unique, manually designed items designed for specific quests and dungeons.
  • Placeable campfires and candles, writeable notes, and sacrificial blades so PCs may affect the world in the absence of a DM.
  • A wide variety of potions, wands and consumables to encourage unusual tactics and gameplay.
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